Vegetarian Dinner

If I want a shot at being on The Real Housewives by 28, I need to know how to cook.

My fixation on learning to cook started when I got dumped 2 weeks before I left for college. I was pretty delusional back then and went into a major comatose hermit mode. I would sit in my dorm bed with an economy sized box of Raisinettes (I’m an emotional eater) and watch the Food Network for hours. Barefoot Contessa with Ina Garten was always my fave. If that fat-ass could keep her hubby Jeffrey around by whipping up a mean Chicken Piccatta, I figured she may be on to something. I immediately enrolled in some cooking classes and fell in love with it.



I’m pretty amateur but have been able to fine tune my skills in the past few years. Whenever I have my friends over for dinner I try to make something that everybody will like (vegetarian friendly) and easy so I can still enjoy myself. This recipe is super low fat, healthy and most of the ingredients you already have around. Real low budge.

– Ingredients (serves 2 people)-
2 eggplants
Handful of spinach
Small container of fat free Ricotta
Reduced fat Mozzarella cheese
Tablespoon of garlic
Dash of crushed red pepper
Jar of Marinara sauce
Olive oil
1 egg

For sides I made an artichoke salad (arugula, artichoke hearts, shaved parmesan, olive oil, lemon juice, anchovies, s+p) and garlic bread (olive oil, crushed garlic, Italian parsley, s+p, parmesan cheese).

Obviously, I am the next Martin Scorcese. Video’s will be much better in the future (no promises).



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