Defeated and De-Friended

Let me set the scene, I’m home alone on a Friday night. I hop on Facebook. I now embark on a tagged photo montage of myself (does no one else do this?) now onto my 600th picture, I see a pic of me and an old friend from high school. I wonder what they are doing with their lives and remember some of the fun times we had.I type their name in your search bar… Then the bomb drops. I have been de-friended.

Listen, I get spring cleaning like giving the axe to creepy Armenian guys you met in Westwood or people who send fucking Farmville invites (you know who you are…stop it) But shunning me of stalking privileges is just rude. This is America.

Did I offend them? Am I fat? Do they hate Jewish people? Am I delusional? What HAPPENED?

The first time this happened to me (only 3 defriends that I know of #bitter) I decided to distract myself by going out with my best (and facebook official) friends. The entire night I kept thinking about how pissed I was. I asked the bathroom attendant, bar tender, waiter, valet guy all what they thought it meant and decided it was my civil duty to figure this shit out on my own…

The following private message is something I sent 8 months ago at 2:30am. For the record, I deeply regret this. #lowpoint

SUPER casual, at least I seem polite. Aide=Cause

SUPER casual, at least I seem polite. Aide=Cause

Serious single white female shit right there. I did some self-reflecting and realized what a dumbass I was being. I deserved de-friendship.

I never got a response back but did get a super sincere re-friend request the next morning. I’m sure along with the friend request she had a pending restraining order. I declined the request. Baby doesn’t like pity invites #passiveagressive

Haute Mess Lesson : Don’t make someone defend their de-friend. It make’s you look like a HUGE asshole. I hope said person see’s this post and forgives my indiscretion.

**My cousin Jessica sent me this after reading this post, confirms my lesson. Don’t ask someone to defend their de-friend. You may not get response you were looking for.
972495_10200581629356457_1850707731_n Exhibit A.


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