Bitch Does a Baby Shower

“The most precious jewels you’ll ever have around your neck are the arms of your children.” (That’s debatable…)

Yesterday I attended my cousin’s baby shower aka house full of women hovering over miniature sandwiches talking about how hilarious and brilliant their children are (torture), not my idea of Sunday Funday. Really? Your kid is fucking 3, I’m sure little Sammy is a GENIUS. Send her over to my office, maybe she can help me with my expense report. Please. I was not anticipating this heatwave and had to run out and get last minute baby shower appropriate outfit.
Top: A.L.C
Skirt: Zara
Shoes: Tory Burch

I knew it was time for me to leave when one of the guests got mad at me for showing her kid how to go through a dog door… I for one thought it was cute.


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