The Amanda Show

The time has finally come to discuss that tragedy that is Amanda Bynes. I keep hoping this is just some genius joke she is pulling on the public and is using this all for an amazing documentary she is producing (a la Joaquin Phoenix)and soon enough she will be accepting her Academy Award flipping her non synthetic shiny hair and making us all feel so stupid for believing she could ever be THAT cray cray… A girl can dream right? I know everyone grew up loving Amanda Bynes, but I seriously LOVED her. I wanted to be best friends with her.  In her day, I feel like we totally could have hit it off. I feared now our lifestyles may have caused us to drift apart … Until I saw this video.

We may not be able to hang socially but we could DEFINITELY be work-out partners. Just 2 blonde gal pals hitting the gym.  When a friend first sent me this I literally thought it was me (minus the wig, most of my hair is real). Way to amp up your cardio sesh by incorporating upper body movement! Get it Mandy.

Also, because I am a very mature and ambitious young woman, my new week’s mission is to get a retweet from Manders. I figured I would stay on trend and tweet her a photo of us…



@JackieSchimmel … home girl needs more followers.


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