Ask the Bitch

I don’t know about you… but I was pretty obsessed with All That as a kid. My all time favorite sketch was the “Ask Ashley” (thaaaat’s me!) skit with Amanda Bynes. I used to imitate it for my family and do “Ask Jackie” all the time as a kid. I have got some pretty random emails (some in foreign languages, sorry guys I can barely speak ENGLISH I’m not bilingual… yet) and love hearing your feedback. Unless it’s negative… I just spam those (jk…kinda) Since me and Amanda Bynes have similar temperaments and morals I felt it would only be appropriate to host an Ask Jackie weekly column to bring back my beloved sketch. Let’s keep it real – I’m in no position to be giving any form of worthy advice but at least it’s entertaining…Send questions, comments and/or concerns to

Or if you would prefer to be anonymous (sketchy) leave your question in a comment below…. Or tweet me @JackieSchimmel… Or follow me on Instagram @JackieSchimmel…Or like us on facebook @ Haute Mess Life…Or send gifts 3215 Burton Ave, Los Angeles CA 90210


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