Things I Lose My Shit Over

A while back I wrote a post titled “Things I’m Totally Over” it pissed a lot of people off hence why I am not linking it so I figured I’d keep things positive and post about stuff I’m super into.

Chicken Shawarma– Most people go to church as a place of worship, when I am looking to find comfort in a higher power… I head to Zankou Chicken. The garlic sauce there is so unbelievable that I am mentally, emotionally and sexually attracted to it. The sauce mixed with the heavenly chicken is next level. If you haven’t been you need to go. Now.

Hair Tinsel– Adrienne Maloof really fucked this up for me. I used to wear it year round and it made me so happy. I completely recognize that it is undeniably tacky but hello? ITS SPARKLY/METTALIC HIGHLIGHTS FOR YOUR HAIR. Into it.


Pharell Williams – First there was MLK (Haute Mess Halfrican) then there was Pharell. Firstly, NERD “In Search Of” is one of my favorite CD’s ever. I grew up listening to it (my father’s a fan) and it’s the shit. I love every song he produces, every outfit he wears-Kanye West you’re doing it wrong- and that he owns so much property. I like a man with real estate. Hey Pharell, I like ice cream too. Mocha flavored… get it?

Boo thang

Boo thang

Grandparents on Facebook– When my grandparents first joined Facebook I was unsure how I felt about it. At the time I was in college and wasn’t sure I wanted them seeing me drawing penises on people passed out at a frat house and chugging Natty lights. With time, I got over it. One reason having them on FB is great is that they write cute comments and like all my shit. You know how the say it’s a face only a mother could love? Sometime’s I feel after I post something I think is really funny- it’s a post only a grandparent (on FB) could love.  And then there’s this…


My grandfather posted this on Facebook last week…Killin it.

Forever 21 Jeans – Most people think I am crazy for spending absurd money on unpractical things like Gucci fanny packs but refuse to spend more than $10 on a pair of jeans. I understand that in theory it seems ridiculous… but that’s just how Baby rolls. For years I swore by J Brand jeans and still have a few pairs in rotation. Anyone who hasn’t tried these $9.99 sensations must go right now. Firstly, they are soft as shit. Secondly, they are super stretchy oh and thirdly, THEY ARE 10 FUCKING DOLLARS. I have sprung for the $15 F21 jeans a few times but they do not match up.

#nomakeup – I feel like I should write an entire post for this. Without a doubt, my favorite hashtag. Who does that? It’s so embarrassing. Unless you are Kim Kardashian or a drag queen should it be that impressive that you aren’t wearing make up? I seriously wish hashtags were around when I was in high school so I could’ve made #nomakeup my senior quote under my yearbook pic.

Heather Dubrow – When I grow up, I want to be a more free spirited version of Heather Dubrow. A self-proclaimed “Jewish Mary Poppins”, she really classes up the OC. When she goes to visit her plastic surgeon hubby at work in her workout attire carrying a CHANEL TENNIS BAG I knew this was my kinda girl.



Pucci Pillows – I just bought these on Ebay (don’t worry they are unused) I have wanted these for so long and I’m so excited I could gag #grownup

I found love in a hopeless place (Ebay)

I found love in a hopeless place (Ebay)


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