Housewife Style – Heather Dubrow

In my opinion, between ALL the housewives Heather Dubrow’s style is one of the best. Amidst the sea of white capri pants and blonde side ponytails Heather manages to dilute the tackiness with her temple appropriate wardrobe. She wears the fuck out of a quilted Chanel bag and gives it real good with all of her statement jewelry. She keeps a mostly monotone color scheme and once in a while keeps things spicy with a caged bootie. She can be a little rigid and everytime she says “Oh my!” my soul dies but I still love her. Heather if you ever see this… I’d like to come live with you. Just throwin that idea out there.

heather collage

I’ve decided to pop the “champs” and put together 2 Heather Dubrow inspired looks. One for day, while you are visting your plastic surgeon husband or picking out designer cakes to celebrate losing your stage name. And a nighttime outfit, either to celebrate your guest role on “Hot in Cleveland” or going out for an apology dinner cause your hubby used the “d-word”…


  • Necklace: San Francisco Flea Market (Unbelievable find)
  • Cream Top: Forever 21
  • Jacket: Zara
  • Jeans: J Brand (I couldn’t shame her with my usual $9.99 jeans)
  • Shoes: Christian Louboutin


  • Dress: Zara (found this yesterday on sale. jacquard fabric, cap sleeves, gold zipper and pockets! can you say SHUL?)
  • Shoes: Tory Burch
  • Black Cuff: J Crew
  • Crystal Stud Bracelet: H&M
  • Bag : Marc Jacobs

This is just way too much posing… oy -but it just had to be done. I love you Heather… CHAMPS ANYONE?!


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