Girl Talk with Grandma Gloho

I have written and deleted my intro for this video 7 times now because one cannot put in words the perfection that is my Grandma Gloria. She is the cutest fucking woman alive and all-star Jewish Grandmother. I would rather hang out with her than 97% of the people I know and anyone who has met her would agree.  At (83) 46 years old, she has the life and spirit of a sorority girl. Her deep love for Barbara Streisand, Real Housewives, awards season and an impromptu cheese plate has set the foundation for a very close and filter free granddaughter/grandmother relationship. This weekend I went over to my grandparent’s house to catch up on some current events/ girl talk with the legend that is Grandma Gloria. You’re welcome.

photo (7)

She wanted me to clarify that she did NOT know what “GILF” meant when she received this hat. I gave it to her for Mother’s Day and told her it stood for Geriatric Institute of Life & Fitness…


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