Bitch on a Budget

Whenever summer time comes around my shopping habits really start to pick up. I blame it on being my “birthday season” Also, my birthday is August 18th if anyone would like to send gifts. I’ve been considering putting together a Kickstarter Campaign so I could by myself these amazing thigh high Dior boots (J LO!) but thought that might turn off readers. Instead, I started looking into selling some of my eggs. Girls, you can make some serious paper selling those bad boys. Just a suggestion. Anyways, during the interim of me getting compensated for selling my eggs/ovaries and still needing to fill my summer shopping void I have been hitting up the sale rack big time. I usually figure most things are on sale for a reason but have been pleasantly surprised by some of my latest finds.


  • Necklace: J Crew $165 $49.99
  • Top: J Crew $68 $19.99
  • Jeans: Zara $79.99 $39.99
  • Shoes: not telling.

I had to omit price of the shoes, firstly because I lied to my boyfriend about how much I would actually spend on metallic Spice Girl shoes and secondly, they will blow my whole Haute Mess for a HUNDRED concept. Sorry folks. Most of the outfit is relatively simple (especially for ME). I love the bright color of the top and the jeans have cute gold zippers at the ankles, but lets face it, they are just supporting roles. The main stars of this outfit are obviously the necklace and the shoes. I was so excited when I found this necklace, I tried to get a close up shot but the photo really doesn’t do it justice. I was not much a J Crew girl and feel like I have been missing out! Pricier than I would have guessed for a store that is related to Old Navy, but well worth it. As a gal who lives and BREATHES for overly sparkly, gaudy and over sized statement jewelry I am a newborn FAN #jajagibore. Here is some of my fave J Crew jewelry (some of it is even on SALE)jcrew2jcrew


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