Half Assed Dinner

I generally like the process of cooking. The chopping, sautéing, preparing is all very therapeutic for me. God knows I need all the therapy I can get, especially if it’s free. However, cooking a four course meal on a Monday night is just NOT an option. I don’t know about you, but Monday night of television is my ultimate state of euphoria. (When “Homeland” and “Girls” come back on Sunday nights will take priority). Given my incredibly ambitious 5 HOURS of TV to watch, a gal has to make some shortcuts. My ego is far too big to resort to take-out so I prefer to half assedly prepare a dinner with minimal prep work using (mostly) pre-prepared food. I get to pretend I slaved away making dinner, get major girlfriend points, he cleans AND I get to let out my years of suppressed tears watching “The Bachelorette”? Win fucking win.


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