HOLY BALLS. This is our first (and hopefully last) giveaway of the Summer. I want to reach 50,000 followers by yesterday and to do that I need some serious reader promotion. Think of this as a pimp and ho situation. I am the pimp and you all could be my well compensated and respectfully treated ho’s.  Please Facebook share, tweet, instagram, body paint, graffiti, tattoo your ass with this site and you will be entered to win the super sexy Haute Mess Life gift basket which is pretty fucking great if you ask me. Use the hashtag #hautemesslife or and I will do a live drawing to see who wins the following goodies.


– My favorite F21 $9.99 jeans is YOUR SIZE (Haute Mess Obsessions)

(or if you are a Haute Mess Man I will send a semi nude photo of one of my hot friends!)

– Bottle of Ketel One (Haute Mess Happy Hour)

– Jar of Garlic Stuffed Olive Juice

– Clinique Lipgloss in Black Honey (Haute Mess Beauty)

(or if you are a Haute Mess Man I will send a top of the line chapstick)

– Mereadesso Body Balm (my new favorite body lotion – this has saved my skin)

– 1 Slim Jim

– Season 1 DVD of Sex and The City (it’s used… I have 2 copies. YOU’RE WELCOME!)

Can someone say GIFT BASKET BONER?!? Now go share, share, share and you can soon be a certified Haute Mess. Remember you can follow blog via email by entering your email address and then click follow on the column to the right ———-> (one chromosome away). You can ALSO like Haute Mess Life on FACEBOOK by clicking the icon also located to the right. Duh. How can anybody not like a Slim Jim? Uhhhhhhhmazing.



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