Duff Love

On the tail end of the Miley Cyrus gag fest ( I literally have watched the performance 68 times AND had a dream-nightmare about latex bathing suits and teddy bears which is NOT a coincidence) I thought we should take a moment and celebrate another Disney star that did it right. I am talking about the one and only Hilary Duff. Talk about having your shit together. The only negativity she has received by the media is the Aaron Carter LOVE TRIANGLE of 2004 and when she traded in her old chiclets in for some new veneer chompers (a move I TOTALLY approved of). How can you not weep while watching her impeccable performance of Italian superstar Isabella in “The Lizzie McGuire Movie” #oscarsnub. True or False, I listened to Hilary Duff’s “Sweet Sixteen” on repeat on my 16th birthday? TRUE. True or False, I own the movie “Material Girls” on DVD? TRUE. True or False, “So Yesterday” was my break up anthem and even inspired me to take multiple photos with new guys and post them on Facebook? FUCKING TRUE. No shame from this Duff lover.hilduff

Hillary Duff is an inspiration and a pioneer for all haute messes. She got married to NHL star, had a beautiful baby (and in that order), and spent her teen years as a Disney superstar all while never making a cameo at Promises. Did I forget to mention she is bonafied music superstar? I won’t lie I have all of her hits on my iPod – even the most recent ones circa 2010. That shit is catchy. Every morning while I skim my daily blogs I see pics of her and her cute son Luca having breakfast, picking up flowers at Bristol Farms, headed to Gymboree. Ugh what a dream. Then she will spontaneously post pics of her and her husband on date night drinking margaritas and looking blissfully in love and adorable. Hey now, hey now… this is what dreams are made of. Miley… take a fucking page from this girls book (I forgot Hil also writes ACTUAL books! #mogul) You go girl, I will forever be a #dufflover

Haute Mess Lesson: Miley… please cover your muff, you will never be Hillary Duff.


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