Holy shit balls. Hold on to your chin implants and grab a glass of champs, after the emotional Real Housewives of Orange County reunion Monday it appeared that Vicky and Brooks (or what I like to refer to as #BROCKI) were totally dunzo. Brianna had accused him of discussing his genitalia size to her (fuck I love that word… so scientific. one more time? genitalia) and telling her husband Ryan (also an asshole) he should hit her. Not chill Brooks. It doesn’t matter how much you discuss the magnitude of your genitalia, you are a little bitch Brooks. Remember when you were missing teeth when you first came on the show? I certainly didn’t. Stop mooching off my precious Vicki (with an i not a y – love that). She has built an insurance empire and has been misguided with men in her desperate pursuit to fill her empty love tank. How will she ever redecorate her home in Lake Havasu or get the new fall collection of Sky tops if you are milking her for all she is worth? I don’t trust you with your beady little eyes and fucking love affirmations. Gag me, go back to butt fuck nowhere you hillbilly.  Naturally, I have contacts in Coto de Caza (RHOC mecca) who always have their eyes peeled for a Vicki sighting. I have obtained this EXCLUSIVE video shot this past Saturday of none other than supposedly broken up BROCKI with a special appearance by Jeana “shit stirring” Keough. Footage is EXTREMELY rough but you can’t miss the cameo. You are welcome.

I told you this shit was rough. I don’t know that anyone is as excited and veklempt over this as me but whatever. Brocki is back people… Vicki_Brooks-Facebook


One thought on “BROCKI EXCLUSIVE

  1. T-Bone Smith says:

    Vicki makes me sick. That video makes me sicker……she gets what she deserves. I can’t go on because I don’t have the balls like you do.

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