Bitchfest with Grandma and Cousin Jo

For those of you who have not be introduced to the legend that is my Grandma Gloria aka “Glo-ho” please reference Haute Mess Grandma. This past weekend I celebrated Rosh Hashanah with my family and my kin is next level haute mess. Everyone is very loud, very close, very opinionated and very filter free. Most people would think we are bat shit crazy but I think it’s the best. With all that chutzpah in the air we are destined to have some very interesting conversations. We also have a bitch ranking system amongst my family and my cousin Jo reigns as head Bitch #1, I come in at a very close second as Bitch #2.  Jo and I decided to get my Grandma loosey goosey with half a glass of Cabernet and have some girl talk. Marijuana, labias, drug addiction, bikini waxing. You’re welcome.

Send questions/advice/concerns to ask Grandma Gloria to, tweet to @hautemesslife, or leave in a comment below!


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