Lapdancing 101 with Cousin Jen

Recently someone expressed their concerns about me exploiting my family for entertainment purposes.  Not that I am above that sort of thing, but this is definitely not the case. I actually feel many of my kin are exploiting me, and in our world exploitation has a very positive connotation.  All of my family members feel they deserve a special ode and rightfully so, which brings me to my cousin Jennifer. Jennifer reigns as the oldest (sorry) and most camera shy (not) cousin. She is known for her fail proof fertility, world famous macaroni salad and erotic dance moves. One of her contributing traditions to ingratiate outsiders to our family is to induct them with her gift of lap dance. She has been doing this for quite a while now and it really never gets old. There truly is no wrong time for one of her special performances and no matter how uncomfortable it makes the victim feel Jenny always gives it her all. It doesn’t matter if you are handicapped, offended or non consensual. When Jennifer feels you are almost apart of the family, you just get a lap dance. Sometimes it goes well, sometimes it goes weird. Regardless, it’s here to stay. She will straddle, slither, grind and spank you (I am not joking) until she feels her job is complete. Here is Jennifer very demurely explaining the reasons behind this interesting right of passage.

She was able to provide so much material this will be a trilogy. Also, Jennifer you’re welcome.


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