Forever 21 Challenge

After a few overly indulgent shoe purchases last week, I decided I needed to come back to reality and remember I am NOT J LO. I have to do this every so often after going a bit off the rails with my purchasing problems. The other day I woke up with the Godly urge to shop and knew that the kind of financial damage I was craving literally could not happen. Being that my hobbies are limited to cooking, eating, drinking, quoting Real Housewive intro lines, photo shopping Harry Styles and I’s wedding photos and aggressive shopping… weekend activities are pretty restrictive. I decided to give myself one hour at Forever 21 with a strict spending limit and test my creativity. I attacked the Clearance section, accessories, and new arrivals like a malnourished child in a corn field. Or a jew at Costco trolling for samples (AKA my father). Here are some looks that are head to ankle F21 (and each piece is UNDER $35)!


  • White Sequined Shell Top
  • Navy Shift Skirt
  • Shoes: Had these booties since Junior year of HIGHSCHOOL #hoarder. No clue who makes them, still cute though yes??


  • “Cashmere” (polyester) Leopard Print Sweater
  • Denim Cuffed Boyfriend Jeans
  • Gold Chain Necklace
  • Shoes: Christian Louboutin, my new babies (and so comfy).


  • Mustard Trench Dress
  • Shoes: Missoni (All aboard the clog train.)


  • Beige Cardigan
  • Navy/Black Striped Body Suit
  • Faux Leather Shorts
  • Blue and Gold Statement Necklace
  • Shoes : Marc Jacobs


  • Embellished Charcoal Sweater Top (obsessed)
  • Black Waxed Denim Pants
  • Black/Rhinestoned Cuff
  • Shoes : Tory Burch chained booties.

Everything individual thing I am wearing (sans the shoes obviously) was under $35! How great is that? I cant even deal with my posing, who am I? Send your discountalicious looks to or tag #hautemesslife.


12 thoughts on “Forever 21 Challenge

  1. chloescravings says:

    Okay this is amazing. I need to do this. So what was your total at f21?! That embellished charcoal cardigan is amazing, I want it! I am overly obsessed with the housewives, and always have shopping cravings, maybe we need professional help? HAHA. xo

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