Where in The World Is Mischa Barton?

Last night after a very cathartic and irritatingly calm Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion show and a celebratory dirty martini, I started reminiscing on some of my other favorite tv shows past and present. I remembered how obsessed I was with Degrassi, lost my shit for The Amanda Show and was completely transfixed by The OC. Seth Cohen was the ultimate Jewish boy next door and Marissa Cooper was the Chanel bag toting, pill popping, haute mess we all knew and loved. Confession: I was OBSESSED with Mischa Barton for the majority of high school. I envied her wardrobe, her endorsement deals, her alleged anorexia and impeccable cheekbones. Which brings me to my next thought… WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO MY MISCH?

Listen, I am all for hollywood weight gain. It both intrigues me and makes me feel thinner which are 2 things I NEVER complain about. I just feel that Misch left me (and the rest of her faithful fans) high and dry. Did I ever snark at her mediocre acting skills? No. Did I ever judge her for dating all those grunger he-she’s? No. Was this photo showcased under my “About Me” section on my myspace profile for about 5 years? mischa-barton-photoshoot-06Uhhh, you’re damn right it was. So you can imagine my extreme disappointment when I saw this on the internet…Mischa Barton Shopping In Los Angeles

Girl let’s get through this together. Lose the “Clarissa Explains It All” choker, invest in some figure flattering wardrobe staples and get back on track. I for one, think an OC reunion special is way overdue. Even as young girl Sandy Cohen’s eye brows really excited me. After a few tears and listening to Phantom Planet’s “California” 5 times I have learned to cope. Mischa, if you’re out  polishing off a pizookie somewhere, just know you have a friend and a fan in me. Forever and always, RIP.

My thoughts exactly girl.


5 thoughts on “Where in The World Is Mischa Barton?

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