Chicks with Dicks

When something great happens it is really hard for me not to shout it from the rooftops. After receiving my first seriously cutthroat hate e-mail from a member of a Feminist Group which shall remain anonymous (for now at least) I almost collapsed with joy. I wanted to immediately share but figured it would be best for the sake of Haute Messes everywhere to hold out until I had a plethora of testosterone fueled emails to share with you all. These bitches (they love being referred to as bitches and hoes) brought the heat big time… Please enjoy my first set back in the hopes of ever running for senate (yeah right) and hopefully not being stoned to death the next time I attend a women’s sporting event or the pantsuit department at JC Penney’s.

Haute Mess Lesson : Do not piss off #chickswithdicks.


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