Bitch Bible ICON- SJP

Anyone who knows me, knows my deeply unhealthy obsession with Sarah Jessica Parker, aka SJP.  I have always felt she was my spirit animal and forever my fashion icon. If you knew me in middle school, you could testify to that statement. I was the only person in braces who deemed it necessary to wear ostrich feathers and one shoulder tops with big flower pins on them and thought I could not have been more chic #awkwardstage. Many people just think my obsession stems from the “Carrie Bradshaw” factor which is partially true. But beyond that, SJP has one of the most vibrant, eclectic and unapologetic personal styles of all time – and she is bff with my fave super gay Andy Cohen. She will wear an acorn on her head, sequins to the market, feathers for days all while looking like it aint no thang but an SJP thang. A definite “more is more” kind of girl and baby likey


She knows what she likes, knows her body and probably just wears whatever the fuck she wants as she SHOULD because she is a legend. Can we just discuss her Met Gala outfit last year? I almost cried – she is so fucking cool. I have gotten in serious arguments defending her honor with friends of mine who criticize her looks and even worse her outfit choices.  Ive put together some SJP inspired looks (minus the SJP price tags) for a new Wednesday fashion delight outfitting you for a wedding/work/ and the weekend. Ribbet collageRibbet collageThis first look is trademark Carrie Bradshaw, I personally live for a tutu. I thought we could modernize it Haute Mess style by adding the sequin crop top. I would wear this yesterday,today and tomorrow despite the occasion! The second SJP look is very work appropriate while still over the top in the most understated way. I love how simple this outfit is but still so exciting due to the bright color blocking. SJP is to the Met Gala, what I am to the imported cheese section of my supermarket. This bitch always turns it out and I used two of my fave looks of hers. Naturally it would be pretty fucking ostentatious to try and work a plaid thigh high boot around town so I incorporated the plaid pattern and a solid thigh high boot to keep it slightly more wearable. SJP keep doing you girl, and I will be creepily admiring from a distance. Love you boo.


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