Bitchy Apology

So yesterday I posted my thoughts on Black Friday which I referred to as African American Friday in attempt to be politically correct. This received quite the backlash and I would never want to be a traitor to my community so here is my apology video filmed last night at Hanukkah dinner with relatives and my grandma’s ladysitter (who is considered part of the family). I decided to shoot this video in B&W  to further solidify that I do not see in color, it’s called symbolism people.


3 thoughts on “Bitchy Apology

    • imahautemess says:

      That’s a definite upcoming post. Princess Stassi’s head is so far up her ass it’s insane. She is a waitress and acts like she’s fuckin Madonna it’s such a joke but i kids love her in a sick way. Kristen is such a buzzkill, Scheana makes my brain hurt and that Tom guy (Kristen’s bf) needs to come out of the closet ASAP. Jax is a cautionary tale of wannabe male models. But clearly I still watch it religiously despite my issues

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