How To Countour

Well this is awkward. As you may have already heard, yesterday a Haute Mess reader sent me an email suggesting I learn to contour my face so it doesn’t look as round… I really appreciate the feedback and in the shameless pursuit of flawless bone structure decided to study some tutorials and give it a go. 

Thanks for the hot tip babe, but looks like my round face and I are going to keep the CoNToUring to the Armenian reality TV stars and the professionals. Kisses.


4 thoughts on “How To Countour

  1. Elizabeth Wishnowski says:

    I dont get it?? Your face is oval (THE most symmetrical,perfect face shape) anyhooo….clearly you dont need cOntOurIng……..why, oh why would a statement like that be made? Oh well, lookin good, make up or not! Contour THAT!

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