Haute Mess Clothing

Not to sound like a total fuckhead but I am really proud of myself. I have always prided myself for being a high functioning under achiever and with the birth of Haute Mess Clothing (and Haute Mess Life in general) have realized I may have been under estimating myself. Clearly when there is money on the line I actually do have the necessary work ethic. AND THANK GOD, these Loubs aren’t gonna pay for themselves. ???????????????????????????????

To quote one of my idols Kim Zolciak “I asked, believed and recieved.” I am not sure this is 100% fitting for this particular post but just go with it. Under some miracle I was able to create a slew of shirts, amatuerly create an online store and am now able to share with you! Click SHOP above and check out my first (of many) Haute Mess Merchandise perfect for the walk of shame, brunch with your waspy grandparents or for a night on the town. If you’re gonna act a mess, at least look haute doing it.

Please send any ideas/comments/concerns/questions to beahautemess@gmail.com or comment below! XOX


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