Bitchy Advice – Tinder

Last night my bestie Ruth came over to watch our Sunday night television line up, have some adult beverages and get our girl talk fix. Somehow the conversation turned to Tinder and we decided to break down the do’s and don’ts of Tinder. I must say, I am super pissed Tinder wasn’t around when I was still single because I am totally obsessed with it. It’s so creepy and TOTALLY socially acceptable which is one of my fave combos in life. I am also pretty into judging whether you have romantic potential with someone solely based on a photo.  Listen carefully to the wisdom radiating from your computer screen and I hope this finds all Tinderella’s their Prince Charming.

Haute Mess Lesson: No props, no incest, no selfies, no headshots, no group shots, no serial killers.


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