Date Night Bitch

Thank god I have a fucking boyfriend. In the past few years I have become way too uninhibited and have officially lost any allure or social graces I once had. Just based on the lengths that I discuss my digestive system, finding someone to date me would be really difficult at this point in my life. I will discuss my issues with anyone who will listen and I get that it’s not necessarily sexy… But that shits real #punintended. I used to be quite a minx back in the day. I had serious game and have lost any shrivel of it in the past 3 years. I blame maturity, lack of social graces and Bravo- so when Valentines Day comes around (which is subsequently my boo’s birthday) I feel like it’s my God given duty to try and make myself seem desirable for the evening. I can’t do much at this point with my go-to conversation topics but I can try and look the part by leaving my flannel pajamas, robe and hydration therapy socks at home and busting out a haute outfit. Here are some fabuluxe V-Day/ Date night outfits to redeem the 364 days of Bravo marathons, public announcements of constipation, vocal distress towards people who still wear Juicy Couture and overall high maintenance disposition.v day

For info on where to score this loot comment below or tweet me @JackieSchimmel.



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