Bossy and Proud

I try not to keep up with current events. Politics stress me out and I want to prolong Botox as long as possible. However, once in a while I like to peruse the internet to stay on pulse. After being about 3 months late on the whole Benghazi shtick I knew it was time to take a very minimal interest in the world and its happenings. Yesterday I was on Huffington Post and saw an article titled “Ban Bossy”. I IMMEDIATELY clicked on it thinking someone was looking to shit on Kelis’s completely underrated song. Sure “Bossy” wasn’t as much of an instant hit as “Milkshake” but the beat is still sticky and it also didn’t have the Mean Girls platform behind it. Why would anybody ban such a dance song sensation? Much to my dismay, the article had nothing to do with Kelis or her duo of one hit wonders.

Much to my dismay, the article had nothing to do with my girl or her milkshakes bringin the boys to the yard. Lean In Organization and The Girl Scouts (oy)  have partnered up for the “Ban Bossy” movement. It’s not that I disagree with their intentions. The goal is to empower women and encourage them to lead which is lovely. Who could disagree with that? What I don’t understand is the connection between leadership and banning the word bossy? Let’s start with the definition…

             boss·y (adjective informal)

1. fond of giving people orders; domineering

I have been called bossy my entire life and have always taken it as a compliment. I am one bossy ass bitch and proud of it. Of all the derogatory words used towards women bossy seems like a weak offender. Similarly, the term bitch is often made to be a disparaging word. I have never felt that way, I use the term bitch mostly as a term of endearment. Don’t you think it is easier to change our reaction to a word than to change words that OTHER people use? Pardon my jargon but banning words from peoples vocabulary seems pretty… bossy.

Another thing, doesn’t banning “bossy” conflict with the overall message of female empowerment that is the foundation of this campaign? If woman are going become CEO’s and run the country isn’t it almost more degrading to infer we aren’t able to take a label like BOSSY? Big fucking deal. In the bigger scope of life if the worst thing I am ever called is bossy, I will be doing cartwheels of joy. Have you ever seen a campaign to ban the term “douche bag”? If we want to be equals in a “man’s world” – which for the record I don’t even believe in- why are we making ourselves look so fragile and easily offended?  Women clearly rule the world. Look I know the facts, there has never been a female president, women aren’t paid as much, women couldn’t vote until 1919- I get it. Women lose copius amounts of blood each month (sorry but it’s true), can grow human beings inside our bodies and are blessed with God-given distraction weapons …BOOBS. We are  fucking super heroes. Does this mean Tina Fey is going to have to change the name of her book to “Leader Pants”? I mean what the fuck. Ladies let’s keep moving forward and avoid any setbacks. I urge you not to ban the word bossy and stop giving light to a campaign that only creates more of a divide with a weak message.

Bitches, stay bossy. #diamondsonmyneck #diamondsonmygrill


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