Bitchy Friday Feedback

Another day, another disgruntled reader. Anyone who knows me knows how much I appreciate constructive criticism. In honor of keeping this blog a collection of truths, I should mention that the feedback I chose to omit was an email saying I should look into botox on my forehead because I make too many facial expressions and it is “catching up to me”. So rude but so painfully true. Thank you for pointing that out Emily from Florida… go fuck yourself. Here are some of the delightful reader emails I have received this past couple weeks. Including but not limited to foreign affairs, philanthropy and incest. God, you kids keep me young. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Bitchy Friday Feedback

      • bensbitterblog says:

        People and their concerns for the environment. Are they aware that trees are littering leaves all the time? If I drop a piece of paper on the ground I get fined $500. But leaves drop hundreds of leaves on the ground and I have to clean it up. And they don’t get fined. Trees are jerks.

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