#RHONY Recap

For those of you who have not jumped on the Real Housewives of New York bandwagon I advise you not only jump but fucking pole vault to the party because this shit is on fire. If the taglines alone don’t slay you with intrigue then you are “psychotic Jesus jugs” (RHOC reference). So we start the episode in Sonja’s BORROWED house with interns a flurry, prosthetic legs, unnecessary bartenders and an absentee Ramona. “If you don’t feel decadent every second, you are doing something wrong.” Doll face… you are filing bankruptcy, flapping your labia around performing burlesque and banging a guy who could be your grandchild. Is this decadent? Despite everything I fucking love Sonja and think she is fun and lighthearted. As a social experiment I have considered applying for an internship with her. Meanwhile Ramona, the Countess and Carole head to a designer showcase. Could anyone else even pay attention to the scene or were you as distracted as myself with Ramona’s fucking handkerchief top. She looks like she just got back from a mid-life crisis summer camp in New Jersey. I just can’t with her sometimes. Then she decides to play frisbee with one the designer plates #turtletime. I am going to keep shit real, I have a Housewive husband crush on Heather’s hubby Jonathan. He is kind of midgey but I would hit it. Aviva, Luann and Ramonja do some wine tasting which brings me back to my favorite quote from last season “I don’t need Pinot Grigio. I just need my husband” said with the utmost conviction. Girl, go home. After trying some wine Aviva proclaims that it is acidic… like urine. What the fuck is wrong with this woman? She is so bat shit crazy she makes Ramona look mentally stable. Hearing Sonja discuss her business ventures is like me trying to explain my credit card statements. Unclear, ashamed, delusional and scattered. Diamonds? Toaster ovens? Sex toys? Gloves? Shoes? Recipes? Lingerie? Tabletop? HUH? Movie business? (all business ventures she named during this ep) Do us all a big favor and marry Harry Dubin so we can see the spinoff… no but seriously. Then a toast! To Sonja’s department store deal? WHAT DEPARTMENT STORE DEAL? FOR WHAT PRODUCT? Oy vey.

Heather heads to Carol’s bachelorette pad with warm beer and tequila to get saucy and eat pizza which is essentially why I like them both so much. Sonja is tending to her plumbing issues in the Morgan when crazy eyes stops buy, 6 bottles of wine in tow #decadent. Ramonja pops a bottle (or 7) of pinot grigio and start discussing Sonja’s financial future. She is now advising The Secret to help her save her home… good luck with that. Please advise: Bitch Bible Book Report “The Secret”. You go ahead and light that abundance candle girl.

“ITS FAJITA NIGHT AT THE DRESCHERS.” YAAAAAAYYY. God I want to club her in the leg. Obviously she has hired a new image consultant and is really committing to this new light-hearted and happy-go-lucky new Aviva. Bullshit. The ladies head to the spa for a day of…relaxation? Carole, Heather and Luann get all lezzy in a communal treatment room and the blondes sip the pinot. Ramona drops a bombshell that she spoke with the mother of Sonja’s 23 year old boo because she was looking out for Sonja. I can’t imagine why, they are only 26 years apart and just the night before stood her up at a restaurant #yolo. Sonja defends his age by saying he is an “international player with a black card” which basically translates to him studying abroad for semester in college and has a trust fund from his daddy. Kristen tries to join the conversation and barely finishing her first sentence, Ramona throws a glass of champagne at her face #turtletime. Kristen strikes back and splashes Ramona and her fresh do. Listen nobody understands the importance of a fresh blowdry more than yours truly but what did she expect Kristen to do? She returns with rollers in her hair looking like a wet pitbull and decides to label pretty Kristen an instigator… have you met yourself? I personally like me some Kristen, her hair and accessory game is fierce and she speaks her mind. The episode ends with Ramonja and her wilted weave shoveling her stumpy legs back to the locker room… poor thing #turtletimegonewrong.


12 thoughts on “#RHONY Recap

  1. disconcerted72 says:

    I sooooo can’t stand Romona. I hated her since day 1…or maybe 2, but either way, that hatred came out early on. She is petty, thinks she knows everything and acts like people want her around. She’s like that wet dog you see out in the rain (reference to the splashing Kristen gave her), that you let in just because you have a soft spot…and then it bites your hand. I’m dying to see what happens next week! Did you see the preview???

  2. TBone says:

    Ramona has always been a blow-dryed show dog. Never had any importance, or presence. Whatever Ramona….pass the wine, and try and look important.

  3. Beth says:

    TRUST!!! She won’t be talking so much smack when she finds out about (super) Mario and his extracurriculars !!!! Oohhhh, can’t wait! The Pinot’s gonna hit the fan (or Kristen)!!!?? I also am annoyed by all things Aviva….find yourself girl, and stop trying to be Ramona/Sonja/Carole/Heather….,,you don’t have a leg to stand on! #sorrynotsorry

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