Bitch Bible Confessions

After reviewing my last video, I came to the harsh reality that I looked like an Assistant Manager of a Yogurtland or like my name was fucking Candice. I decided a new video was in order and felt that with Spring having sprung I should do some internal spring cleaning. Amidst the daily grind we are all guilty of doing, saying and thinking things we are not proud of. I am pretty sure these instances are much more common for a gal like me which leads me to my very first Bitch Bible Confessional, a place where I can share my struggles, shameful moments and secrets.

Another forgotten confession: I saw Mamma Mia! in theaters 11 times … 2 of which were the sing along edition. I cry every time during the “Dancing Queen” number and seriously considered investing in denim overalls after seeing Meryl Streep work them onscreen for 2 hours.

**5 minutes after posting this video one of my good friends texted me the following “I know that your reference to Tiffany jewelry was targeted towards me… go fuck yourself you jappy label whore. Im going to strangle you with my Tiffany kidney bean necklace” Love you too Hannah aka Elle Woods wannabe a decade too late.**

Send your confessions to xx


2 thoughts on “Bitch Bible Confessions

  1. disconcerted72 says:

    Confessions are always good…
    …or at least good for a laugh, right?

    I’m not so sure I would share my confessions though….
    Actually, on second thought, I would…I’m a bit of an attention whore like that. Oddly enough, this gives me a GREAT idea for a blog posting.’

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