Try the Trend: Ear Cuffs

I have never considered myself a very trend driven person. I never thought Juicy sweatsuits were a good look, still have severe anxiety with high-low or mullet hemlines  and genuinely would rather shank myself in the trachea then bring back those fucking 90’s tattoo chokers… but actually. Once in a while I see a trend that really excites me and gives me a total fashion boner. Currently I am obsessed with jeweled ear cuffs. My favorite lezbo supermodel Cara Delevingne has been working this accessory like a mo-fucka and delusionally I convinced myself I could pull it off. The key to being someone that “can pull anything off” is just wearing whatever the fuck you want and convincing yourself you look fabulous and any negative feedback is simply passive aggressive jealousy disguised as an insult. Duh.

Ribbet collage

Sure it semi looks like a bedazzled bluetooth or a drag queens hearing aid but anything I can wear that sparkles I am into. Jeweled ear cuffs were popping up all over fashion week shown in Rodarte, Jason Wu and Chanel’s runway shows. Ribbet collageKristin Perry $14 – Ali Express $8 – Bauble Bar $28

I think a jeweled ear cuff is acceptable for almost all occasions and look best with a deep side part or top knot. I like mixing the edginess and all around shock value that comes along with a crystal ear cuff with more demure, conservative(ish) and feminine outfits. Here are a few wallet friendly options so you can start your lesbian phase with Michelle Rodriguez, grow out your eye brows and hang out with Stella McCartney at the fuckin met ball.




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