Summa Summa Summatime


I love Summer. I feel like everyone gets lazier during the summer which brings people down to my level of under-achieving serenity which is something you just don’t find any other time of the year. When that heat wave hits, all I want to do is but on a bikini (or monokini if I have been hitting the brie cheese too hard) emerge myself in a flowing caftan, put on unneccessary poolside statement jewelry and working a frizz free blowdry courtesy of the Santa Ana winds. Clearly Lana Del Rey and I have different opinions on this special season. You keep your summertime sadness bitch, I’ll be poolside with a chi chi. I have been known to go a little crazy during the summers… all my friends have told me that something about the warm weather and good hair weather makes me particularly in my element. Between my heightened serotonin levels and pina colada consumption, my personal style really flourishes. Here are some of my summer must haves, comment below for info on where you can snag this loot.collagecollage2





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