Thrift Shop Treasures

Anyone who knows me knows the following to be true a) I am perpetually 20 minutes early b) I try not to socialize with people who drive Smart Cars c) I never leave the house without at least 7 pieces of jewelry on. This bitch loves her bling, the more sparkle the better. Long before statement necklaces became popular and J Crew blessed the nation with their bitch approved baubles, a hoe had to get crafty with her bling. My obsession with vintage jewelry started when I was in high school. About a mile from campus was an antique mart mecca that boasted some of the sparkliest shit I have ever seen. Even better, because it wasn’t “trendy” I could walk away with a jewel encrusted bracelet for $15 and tell everyone at school it was a family heirloom.

This became my dirty little accessory secret. People must have thought I had some really janky dead relatives… these family heirlooms barely ever cashed out over $50. I am not some chic hipster who visits thrift shops often. I usually detest the smell and would rather shank a puppy than be pretentiously collecting vintage novels I have zero intention of reading. My motive is plain and simple; I love sparkly shit that no one else will have. Duh.


Yesterday, I got a wild hair up my ass and decided to hit the antique mart HARD. The second I walked in and caught a whiff of Elizabeth Taylor perfume, cigarettes and old people I felt right at home. Mercury must have been in retrograde because I found the best shit ever. I walked away with a to die for gold lion clutch, an ostrich feather bolero and 3 crystal bracelets. Above are some of my purchases and other vintage treasures I found. Satisfy your sparkle boner at the Agoura Antique Mart (if your in LA) or get your ass to your local thrift shop and explore! XO


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