Generation WHY?

I am confused… when did our generation get such a bad rep? We are told we can’t get into good colleges, are bad at relationships, have entitlement issues, can’t make as good of a living as our parents, don’t value love and a whole bunch of other shit I have no interest in doing the research to name (for the record, the only thing I read on the internet is my own fucking blog and my ex boyfriends newsfeeds…duh). Although it seems super convenient to blame our generation for all of these factors the truth is we are all in control of our own lives. If we are ever unhappy with the way things are going, don’t we have full authority to change our course? Instead of complaining about being a victim to the “hook up culture” (whatever the fuck that is) and delusionaly finding solace in dumb articles we read on our newsfeeds why don’t we just look for people who want the same things? Sounds pretty simple right? That’s because it is. Sure I have had a fun night with a guy who drives a bright yellow sports car and gives everyone he meets a double cheek kiss despite the fact that he is from Calabasas not the South of France (gag). Did I think this guy was suddenly going to want to be in a committed relationship with me? Fuck no.

I feel as a generation we not only allow but perpetuate this vakakta sterotype. Sure getting into school was harder then it was for our grandparents, making 6 figures out of college is almost impossible and finding a guy that doesn’t want to bang you along with 6 other girls may be a struggle. But the more we fuel these stupid labels, the more we validate them. I read an article yesterday that had 4 different scientific studies with various percentages and research to support the “theory of the hook up culture”. It’s not that I entirely disagree with these theories. Guys have always been horny fucks – duh. Monogamy is tough shit. But don’t we have more important shit to take care of? Last time I checked there still isn’t a cure for cancer. I am pretty sure that should take precedent over running a survey on home many douchey fratboys you banged and never heard from again? Here is some groundbreaking conclusions. Don’t seriously date guys that don’t want a relationship. Don’t blame your generation for not getting into the same college as your Indian lab partner with a 4.7 GPA. Don’t find comfort in bullshit statistics and articles written by people who aren’t even apart of our generation and don’t know what tinder is.

This is not a cultural epidemic, not some plague to anyone born in the 80’s-90’s. The only plague spread through that time was Dickie overalls and the butterfly hairclip craze (let’s take about a REAL tragedy, shall we?) Our generations supply of Gerber baby food wasn’t contaminated with anti-commitment parasites that have made relationships any less important then they were 500 years ago. Has no one seen Game of Thrones? There shit wasn’t kosher either. The blame game is convenient, blaming a whole generation is even more convenient. If life is a ship (yes I am going there) we’re our own captain. We can compare our fleet to our elders but shit’s different now. If we hit an iceberg it’s our fault, if we follow another ship’s navigation we may get fucked (figuratively not physically) or end up on a fabulous private island – who knows? I am not entirely sure where I am going with this… I have been trying to work in a “boats and hoes” or seamen joke for about 20 minutes now so I am going to move on. What do you want from me? I didn’t go to college and that I blame solely on MYSELF #underachiever.

All I am saying is let’s not GENERALIZE our GENERATION and take a bit more accountability before we morph into the stereotype willingly.


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