Thirsty Thursday – Don’t Mess with Texas


One thought on “Thirsty Thursday – Don’t Mess with Texas

  1. disconcerted72 says:

    I took a break from the whole WP nonsense and then went back to FB…
    As you can see, I’m back. Probably because my FB is honest (not) and public version of myself. And WP lets me be the vile person I really am.

    Sadly, I deleted my entire last blog…but I have a need to write down things that come to my mind – such as the moron that forgot how to drive on my way into work this morning…
    ….oh wait…
    I made this about me, when it was so obviously about you. Oops!

    So, you were saying…? 😉
    (I’m totally thrilled to be back and see your posting as first on my reader!)

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