Sex-ed Sneak Preview

I am unsure how to introduce this video… Some people turn crazy over time and others were just born crazy. Recently a nearly 15 year old video resurrected from the awkward and malnourished pits of my childhood. As a kid, I was almost the same exact person I am today except with a much more sought after thigh gap.

In school, I used to use extreme theatrics to distract my blatant disregard for curriculum. When assigned a project about the reproductive system, I decided to make a nearly 30 minute film exercising my “theatrics”. I am in the process of getting the full video (which I will publish here) but for now will be giving you sneak peeks.

At one point in the film I LITERALLY dress up as a sperm and do a synchronized swimming inspired routine to showcase a miscarriage… you can’t make this shit up. Enjoy.


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