Fuck Fuckboys

I am aware that I’m always 6 months late to millennial slang. A term I have been grappling (big word) with as of late is “fuckboy”. What is this mythical fuckboy? After my misunderstanding of Trap Queen (which I figured was a bitch who swaps birth control for tic tacs and traps men with a fetus) I felt it absolutely necessary to go straight to the superior source… urban dictionary.

Fuckboy (noun)

A Fuckboy is the type of guy who does shit that generally pisses the population of the earth off all the time. He will also lead girls on just for hookups, says he’s really into you but doesn’t want to deal with all the “relationship bullshit” just to fuck you. He thinks about himself and only himself all the time but pretends to be really nice. He also does really fucked up shit and then complains about people who do the same old shit as him. Once a fuckboy always a fuckboy, because fuck boys ganna be fuckboys.

Cuh-yoot. When you really think about it, potential fuckboys can only blossom into bonafied fuckboys with our permission and allowance. The key to eliminating the species is to disable the fuckboy. That is not a physical threat calm the fuck down. What I mean is that fuckboys can only be relevant if we as females ENABLE the fuck boy. The second you get a whiff of Armani Acqua di fucking Gio find the nearest chastity belt and head for the hills. An estrogenous love side-affect is that sometimes we equate all SEX to deeper feelings. While in the land of Nicholas Sparks, intimacy is all pancakes in bed, love letters and fucking swans; unfortunately the only intentions we ever REALLY can know are our own. The harsh truth is that once a fuckboy, almost ALWAYS a fuckboy. So while we are envisioning 365 letters, and dying side by side in some waspy plantation hospice a la the Notebook, your fuckboy just needs a willing (hopefully) orifice.

If he’s not taking you to dinner but is regularly sleeping with you, he’s a fuckboy. If he is platonic on the streets and freak in the sheets, he’s a fuckboy. If he doesn’t believe in labels, but his phone is full of them i.e.; “Blonde girl from Chateau” “Kylie from NYC” “Buttaface Barbara”, he’s a fucking fuckboy.

Ladies. Guys put their penises in their OWN FUCKING HAND. The same hand they high five their boss with, pump their gas with and wipe their ass with. Having a guy want to sleep with you repeatedly without any form of commitment means he is a fuckboy and WORSE you are a fuckboy enabler. Remember this as a mantra for recovery, penne before penetration. (That was supposed to be clever… Penne is a noodle often served at romantic Italian restaurants)

Playas gonna play. Talkers gonna talk. Fuckboys gonna fuck. And bitches better WALK.

Editors Note: I apologize to my family for the excessive fucks and to readers for my desperate rhyme schemes and alliterations.


8 thoughts on “Fuck Fuckboys

  1. acquiescent72 says:

    HOLY FUCK! Are you fucking serious? This is fucking sound fucking advice and it’s the same fucking stuff I have always believed…fuck! Another fucking thing women can do is quit fucking stabbing each other in the back over a fuckboy. Mostly because those boys fucking love chics that fuck each other over to get fucked over.

    (P.S. Please apologize your family for me.)

  2. juanserene says:

    I love this so much! Needed to read this because I’m dealing with one. The emotional confusion I’m putting myself through is killing me. You’re a goddess.

  3. Unanimous says:

    Lmao, I am a fuckboy and it’s true we can’t change but is that really all that bad, people don’t even know I am because I get with girls who live far away and so it’s all just like a one night stand, but I don’t see how this is bad to have sex once in a while

  4. Emma says:

    seems very backwards. most women nowadays arent into relationships or “looking for the one”, who do you think profits most from hook up culture? we dont have to invest time into relationships while we study for our future and build our careers. who wants a man to pay for their dinner? i can afford my own and i certainly dont want to be listening to the crap the men i sleep with talk about when i eat.
    your focus on commitement or dating is just not up to date anymore, may be you’ll need to catch up with millennials once more!

  5. Esa says:

    Best shit I’ve heard all day!!!I wish some of these hoes get off the Dick so we could be treated better!!Loved this shit!!

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