On this weeks podcast with Kingsley I allude to my first documented Sangria Stakeout. Equipped only with binoculars, subpar disguises and a front row ticket to homeboys balcony we dedicated 2 hours to confirming his whereabouts. Here is the condensed footage from our excursion. Enjoy, and James please don’t file a restraining order… Hope your grandma is doing better.


2 thoughts on “SANGRIA STAKEOUT

  1. Ashley says:

    Dear Jackie
    Ever since the first time I heard your podcast I fell in love. Now I’m NOT going to leave you a basic comment of “omg I so loooovveee your blog turned podcast!!” As I twirl my hair with my finger. Ewwww PUKE. But seriously I love what you do so much that I’ve started stalking you. I never had Twitter and hardly went on Instagram but since you use both of those social media outlets I decided to give in and create a profile ONLY so I could follow you and your awesomely bitchy self 🙂 I count down the days for the next podcast to come out. If you ever find your self In Seattle I HAVE to know because then I’ll find a way to either see you, run into you or just simply see you in a stakeout…
    Love you!!

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