I can’t with this…

No words.


18 thoughts on “I can’t with this…

  1. Beth Cobb says:

    1. this is nightmare fuel…like how the “spring breakers” movie was nightmare fuel and LaLa is a girl version of “Alien” or even worse…those creepy twins.
    2. i hate that they are getting paid for this.

  2. Dylan McBurney says:

    what is la la’s role in this “performance” except wearing that terrifying/scarring bathing suit. . .
    this makes me SOOOOOO ENRAGED.

  3. Alexandra says:

    I love that he is also snap chatting on stage. As if all the attention he is getting in that moment is still not enough to fuel his psychotic ego. Also Lala could you like dance, maybe a little? I guess dead Tupac, borderline confused, is the look she’s going for though?
    Miley Cyrus is already rocking that look, and I would say she’s doing it better. Let’s not forget that is not a compliment.
    Love the show.

  4. justanotherbitch says:

    But seriously something like this could only happen in Vegas. Anywhere else and homeland security would of had to shut shit down and send everyone involved to a black site for waterboarding and electroshock to figure out who the fuck is paying them to act like this shit is actually acceptable. There has to be some sort of evil mastermind behind all of this. we need to figure out who it is (Lisa Vanderpump).

  5. Ali says:

    I seriously can’t take it. On one hand, I have no words. On the other, there’s just so much to say…
    Lala’s bathing suit (or leotard) makes her ass look 2 feet long. It’s just really unflattering. She kept bending over and holding herself like she had to pee. He rapped over the track playing but then she didn’t even try to do that- she isn’t using a microphone she’s just singing so no one can hear her and awkwardly “dancing”. I really don’t know what the point of it all was??? James is just a freak. I’m so confused by it all. Thanks for the entertainment Jackie. You seriously crack me up and I think I forwarded your blog and podcast info to 10 people just today.

  6. Jorja says:

    I’ve had an awful day, and this just made me laugh so hard- thank you so much for sharing!!!!

    Aside from all the other questions I have- why didn’t lala sing into a mic instead of awkwardly miming?
    I guess the answer is she can’t sing, but still…

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