Too. Much. Information.

Fancy seeing you here. Actually… fancy seeing ME here. It’s only been 47 years since my last post and fear not, I am not trying to dip my toe into the blogger game. It’s not for me. I have one eye shadow palette from 8th grade, don’t own a professional camera and am far too lazy and technologically illiterate to keep this up.

One thing I would like to publish on this dusty sad excuse for a blog is a weekly review of my podcast episodes. I believe Teddi Mellencamp would approve of this brave act of accountability. Not everything I say goes over so well. Unfortunately, most of the things people consider “too far” are my personal episode highlights. I will post these as “negative feedback” and give some justification… because I give no fucks but simultaneously give the MOST fucks.

In this weeks episode I discuss Fergie ear raping me with her stellar rendition of the National Anthem, why my biological clock might be broken and why it’s OKAY if your fiance goes to a strip club.

Negative Feedback: Presley Gerber gets supermodel sister Kaia Gerber’s name tattooed on his body #incestchic. Neo-Nazi’s organize a music festival called “Night of Identity” (what a name) in Poland scheduled for Hitler’s birthday #hitlerchella #hollocastapalooza

Do you know how long it took me to come up with Hollocaust-a-palooza? A solid 23 minutes. Some people did not appreciate this play on words (Calm down, Siggy Flicker) I for one, think this is genius. No apologies.

Listen and judge for yourself HERE!


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