Wedding Details

As some of you might know… I got married. CALM DOWN. I have always said that getting married brings out the worst in people, you get a ring on your finger and all the sudden you think the world revolves around you. Brides are the biggest assholes ever.  Like, don’t even get me started. I wasn’t a bridezilla because I am a simply a lifezilla. Being so, I had a very clear vision for what I wanted our wedding to look like, feel like, sound like, taste like, you get the picture. I thrive in decision making, delegation and spending other peoples money so I really felt in my element during the planning process. In the most non-basic self indulgent bridezilla way, I wanted to share some elements of my wedding with my bitches.

Music | There is nothing worse than a wedding with shitty music. Being that my groom and many of our wedding guests are in the music industry, it was the most important element of our wedding. We curated playlists for pre-ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, after party. Sometimes providing track by track playlists aren’t enough – we also included a list of DO NOT PLAY THESE SONGS OR ELSE THE BRIDE WILL SHANK YOU IN THE THROAT ( anything Jason Mraz, Baby Got Back, YMCA, the fucking song from Twilight, shoot me). My husband produced the music for our processional and it was one of the most special aspects of the wedding.



Personalization | I think a wedding should *feel* like the couple and not some sad replicas of your pinterest board. I love a personalization. Matches, napkins, place cards, specialty cocktails, anything and everything. It’s inexpensive, chic and unique. Just make sure everything is COHESIVE. Fonts are my life. I made sure the fonts and monogram used in my invitation were the same throughout (details bitch).



Monofloral | This was something I felt extremely passionate about. I am 93% positive I have severe OCD (cute) but floral arrangements give me shpilkes (yiddish for nervous energy). I wanted all centerpieces/bouquets arranged by flower type. No mixing. I had a legally binding “use roses and hydrangea sparingly” rule and stuck with mostly modern structured flowers (calalilies, orchids, gladiolus) and it was fresh as fuck.


Acrylic | I love anything non child friendly. It’s clear, it needs to be windexed constantly, its sharp and it’s perfection… it’s acrylic. My save the dates were acrylic with gold imprinting and totally set the tone for the wedding. For our escort board, we had a sexy plexiglass board with all of our guest names printed in a clean block letter (I hate a swirly font – again shpilkes), place cards were acrylic drink stirrers placed in champagne glasses and for reception chairs we used “ghost chairs” that gave our whole decor a super modern look.


Mixed Metals | I love shiny shit. So I would never limit myself to one metallic accent color. I love mixing gold and silver, we had no other color in our wedding scheme. Silver mirrors, gold rimmed china, silver votives. You get the picture.


FUR (because why the fuck not) | This was a controversial decision on my end. When you think a spring wedding in the middle of the piping hot desert, you don’t usually think of white fur… unless your a psycho like me. I ordered 20 white sheepskin throws from an illegal international import website to achieve my dream of casual white fur draped over the outdoor furniture, you know, for “texture”. I am a monster.




Mirrored Err’thang| We used mirrored round table tops and mirrored runners for all the tables. Not only because its fucking pretty but it also reflected the chandeliers, candle light and center pieces to really pump everything up a couple notches.



For more juicy details on the wedding check out my podcast episode “Blushing Bitch” with Lauryn Evarts from The Skinny Confidential here: CLICK ME FOR PODCAST!


Me, Myself and I

In life I think you are one of two people. Let’s say you’re walking across the street and trip, do you save face and keep walking eyes straight or do you look around acknowledge any witnesses and laugh at/with yourself?

As a young adult (I use the term adult very loosely) I think one of the most important things you can do is really get to know yourself.  Sounds fairly simple and like most things, is not. How do you get to know yourself (or anyone for that matter) is by spending good ol’ quality time solo. I have always loved to be alone. It’s kind of been my thing since I was younger.  Seeing movies alone, going to restaurants alone, shopping alone etc. Don’t get me wrong I have always been very social. Tight group of friends, boyfriends, 3,000 family members within a 2 mile radius (literally). But some of my favorite moments have happened while I was alone. I used to think I was a complete freak of nature but as I have grown up I think it’s something everyone should be able to do. I came to the realization that if I don’t want to hang out with me, why the hell would anybody else? Being alone forces you to make decisions that we often leave to compromise with others. Feel like a burger? Get one. Want to go to the beach? Go.

The ideology behind doing what you want often gets labeled as “selfish” but why? As long as it is not at the expense of another person what’s the ish? You are and should be the most important person in your life. Duhhh. Take a day and do whatever the fuck you want. See how it feels. And now I leave you with a gratuitous Carrie Bradshaw quote (you knew it was coming eventually)…

“The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you you love, well, that’s just fabulous.”

Haute Mess Lesson: Do you girl.

Take a listen to another post appropriate Haute Mess anthem written/recorded by the very talented and equally good looking Andrew Haas ( my boo)  John Ryan, Ian Pollack  and Josh Jones.

**Editor’s note: Can you tell I am trying to class up my site? Only one f-bomb … #maturity